Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sundays: 1982_ColorPencil_Drawing2 by Carol Hershey

1/4/08_Poem by Betina Hershey Russo


The thing about Sundays:
Tomorrow I'll get up early
And I'm looking forward to the fray
Of seeing people all day
But right now I'm regretting
All the things I've been getting
Myself into
When there's such a lovely sun
Shining throug the window onto my
Newly acquired old flower couch
And the hammock is hanging,
Ever ready for a swing or two,
And the library books have begged
Again and again, "Read me! Read me!"
So getting up too early and leaping up
To go sing in the choir of God's glory
Keeps getting shunted to next Sunday.
Yes, next Sunday I'll finally take those
Two hours to be a part of something
Upliftingly social and maybe even
Get out the yoga mat after, or better -
Invite everyone over for a yoga party.

But my favorite of all
Is to sit here in the sun
With my papers and projects and quiet,
Knowing I've somehow managed
To be here, alone
This Sunday, at least,
Worshiping my own way.

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