Sunday, January 18, 2009

New Poetry Blog

I've published a book of the poems inspired by my Mamma's art, and now I've moved on to writing poetry about everything and anything that inspires me, still taking from the visual... photographs or art.

Go to the new poetry blog:

(Photograph of my Mother sitting at her kitchen table eating alone before my visit.)


Rob said...

This is really lovely! I'm very fond of the combination of art and poetry as I myself create drawings to go with words on my blog. Beautiful!

mae444 said...

I have " Big Cat Little Cat" 6/150 '83 what can you tell me about the picture please?

Betina Hershey Russo said...

Do you have a picture of Big Cat Little Cat you can send me? I'd love to see it.

mae444 said...

I can't seem to paste the picture I took with my phone to this reply how else can I do it?