Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Pencil Blend: 2006_ColorPencil_Drawing1 by Carol Hershey

12/31/08_Poem by Betina Hershey Russo

This year
Passed like a stone:
Big and bland,
Painful to push through.

When I examine
The excrement
I am astonished
To find such a dainty oval
With dusk in its colors.

I expected a dull sheen,
A rough, well angled, ravish-less
But now I see
So many shades
Of forgiveness.
Your eyes are in the polish
Somewhat withered, but cat-joyous
In the new-found sun.

Blue Angel: 1990+_ColorPencil_Drawing4 by Carol Hershey

12/30/08_Poem2 by Betina Hershey Russo

My angel is watching
As I crash
Against the charcoal ember.
My angel thought perhaps
I was finally lifting towards air,
Purifying towards child,
Green again, kind again,
I want to be open,
But all I see
Is the door slamming
And your shabby coat
Thrown over our delicate flowers.
What I should see:
The twinkle in your eyes,
Your calloused hands
Pointing out Jupiter.

Red Harrd Snob: 1988_ColorPencil_Drawing2 by Carol Hershey

12/30/08_Poem by Betina Hershey Russo

With eyes shut, nose lifted
And long mouth under-frowned,
She harrumphs and harrangs
And sniffs harr-de-harr.
No use tr'n tuh fix me,
Or cheer me or jeer me
Cuz I've done it all and it's nothing much. Nagh.
She's so sure that the world is curdled
And the milk is shattered
And the mice are barking
That she becomes the red wolf
Instead of the lime green frog fairy.
Oh, she's old beyond years
And mean, oh so mean.
She's built walls up and down
All around her art
And there she marches back and forth
With a million ideas to execute
One by one.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Two Vases 1st Version by Carol Hershey

12/28/08_Poem by Betina Hershey Russo

up in the big blue
two best buds
vases forever
one a perfect white
and one smeared with earthy mud

will you be there next to me
forever floating
with your pure white smile
next to my feet covered with mud?

i hope so

Monday, December 22, 2008

On Man Band: wacky5b&wdrawing 7-05 by Carol Hershey

12/22/08 Poem by Betina Hershey Russo

One Man Band

Clink, clank, booga booga boo!
I'm a one man band, but who are you?
I've a cymbal and a shaker and a xylophone
And I'm singing through an aria with perfect tone.
Don'cha wanna dance,
Fancy dancy purple pants?
Take your money out and put it here...
Pick it up, plink it down, in my cup, in my crown,
In my super dapper tipsy topsy pick-the-tips-up hat.
And that's that!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Final Moment: 2003_Pastel2 by Carol Hershey

12/21/08_Poem by Betina Hershey Russo

We are alone
In a beautiful wash of
The terror of loving others
Even though we know
We will face that final moment
With only our conscience
Able to tell us
"That was a life well lived."
We become god-linked
And leave this world
To the others
While we wade through the pain
Of tearing flesh, or rotting muscle,
The pain of leaving
And finally reach that white light,
Or that black circle, glowing orange, pink, and gold.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Recharge Station: 1980+_Pencil_Drawing by Carol Hershey

12/13/08_Poem by Betina Hershey Russo

Up there, in that circle after life,
May you be completely tucked
Under the fluffy red covers
Of your recharge station
With your favorite books,
A glass of soul water,
And big fuzzy slippers waiting.

And may you stay there
Until I am plugged in
To the recharge station on your left,
The one just recently emptied
By the latest birth,
The one that will let me tap
On the walls between us
And send you messages
About the marriages and kids
You missed.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Soft Edges: 1977_Pencil_Drawing2 by Carol Hershey

12/12/08_Poem by Betina Hershey Russo

in memory of Steve

May you become the softest
Complete at last,
As we sweep up the edges
You left behind.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Egyptian Woman: 1987_colorpencil_Egypt_1 by Carol Hershey

12/11/08_Poem by Betina Hershey Russo

Lost in thought,
She gazes through her green lashes
At the blue and purple skies.
The flower is from the fields
Where she always stops
On her way back from the watering hole.
You can see the calm power of her thoughts
Linked so perfectly from brain to mouth
And how they will radiate outwards
With pure wisdom.
She will be obeyed,
She with her blue lips
And her straight.
They will listen
When she says they must build her
A pyramid so glorious
That she will not be forgotten.
She doesn't know it yet.
Today she is a young maiden
With no known prospects
Gazing out at the blue sky,

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Reeds: 1985_WaterColor1 by Carol Hershey

12/10/08_Make-up_Poem by Betina Hershey Russo

Here, amongst the reeds
And the pure blue watering hole
I've lain down my ring of darkness
And my flower of light.
This is where I come;
Here, as the breezes ruffle my reflection
Into brittle shards,
I become a willow tree,
Bending so spryly down
To kiss the blue glass -
That broken and flowing face,

Vibrant Town: 1985 Watercolor1Back by Carol Hershey

12/10/08_Poem by Betina Hershey Russo

You've been busy again
Planting rose bushes,
Painting tv boxes green,
Hanging lights,
And stacking crates and shoots
Of all colors and sizes
To make one vibrant town
With blue leaf foot prints,
Yellow rivers, and a real smoke stack.
I always follow you
With my wisps of black and gray
Shadows that catch on fire
And turn into brilliant orange and blue
Leaping up towards the blue fox
And the strong lady lifting dumbbells.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Space Station: 1986&91_ColorPencil_Drawing1 by Carol Hershey

12/9/08_Make-up_Poem by Betina Hershey Russo

A hazy warmth
Always hangs round
This part of the station.
Ramrod straight plants
Grow in neat little rows
And pods filled with sausage and rice
Are shuttled through the skies
To the next departing flight.
The aura-replacers are open and active,
Glowing purple and pink,
Sending out the sweetest feeling
Of mmmmm
While 100-year-old children
Rest in hammocks
Before the second millenium of their voyage
Towards a greener planet.

Bullseye: 2003_Pastel4 by Carol Hershey

12/9/08_Make-up_Poem2 by Betina Hershey Russo

Is it a tear falling
From an over-exhausted eye?
Or a sliver of glass
Sailing up from a broken mirror
To puncture a tattoo?
Or, perhaps it is hanging there
Like a gong, or a heavy-handed clock.

I think it's a pinwheel
Spinning atop a blue stick
While the wind whirs it
Dizzily about.

Dancing Graves: 2002_Ink_Drawing4 by Carol Hershey

12/9/08_Make-up_Poem1 by Betina Hershey Russo

"Today is a day for
Dancing in front of the graves
Of those we miss,"
Sang the swaying women.
They moved with the fervor
Of joy-bound mourning.
They hung tinsel and flower petals
Over the tall, metal crosses,
Those cold grave markers
Stabbing the earth
Where rotting bodies lay,
Abandoned by souls
With the journey of life
Once again ahead.

Christmas Tree: 2002_Ink_Drawing3 by Carol Hershey

12/9/08_Christmas_Tree_Poem by Betina Hershey

It's time to get out
The pretty little tree
And arrange the plastic quills
In delicate arches.
Then hang the noodle-glued angel,
The blue, red and green ornaments,
And that funny, tiny piano.
String the lights,
Those warm glowing blues.
The tinsel goes on last,
Dripping down like icy, shiny
Decadence. Oh, be careful.
Keep it hanging straight.
We don't want a mangled mess.
Plug in the tree
And sit in the dark, gazing.

Monday, December 1, 2008

This, My Home: 1981_Ink&ColorPencil_Drawing2 by Carol Hershey

12/1/08_Poem by Betina Hershey Russo

This, my home,
Place for dancing and dirty dishes,
I don't want to share it
With strangers, no,
I long for a kindred spirit
Emerging from the mist
Of this renovation
To hand me one beautifully pressed
Fig leaf and the photo of a feather
Swirling in a bath.
These hours rush by
As I work for home.
Thank you, universal forces,
For the gifts of solitude, silence,
One radio station that rings clear,
And deeply rooted family.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Her Textile: 1987_ColorPencil_Drawing2 by Carol Hershey

11/30/08_Poem by Betina Hershey Russo

"It is long, tedious work,"
She says, staring at the textile,
Searching for a flaw in the fabric.
Each dot fills her with awe
And she longs to share the whole thing
With the shivering world NOW!
"They need this autumnal weave
To lose the chill and cozy up a bit."
She hums to herself
And gnashes her teeth in concentration.
She won't sleep
Until her eyes start swimming
With dots and threads
And she knows she has done
All she can.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Chorus: 1990_Ink_Drawing7 by Carol Hershey

11/29/08_Poem by Betina Hershey Russo

We twenty one heads
Bend in the wind and
Give thanks for this day.
Thanks! Thanks! Thank you!
The sky is blue with wispy clouds
And the corn thrasher's paused
Giving us time here
Before its cold metal claws
Tear us up and send us off
Into the jaws of our working day.
We have eaten well,
The rain water was fresh
And it's nice to be surrounded
By family. So we give thanks! Oh, yes!

Headdress: 2003_Pastel3 by Carol Hershey

11/29/08_Poem by Betina Hershey Russo

Thanks were given
And thanks received.
The headdress was passed
Down the rows of sober recipients
And placed on each head
As glasses were raised and toasts toasted.
The colors on cheeks flushed
And eyes shone with such sweet corn,
Such creamy pumpkin soup,
And the prospects of new worlds of friends.
I remember it well, the hopes
For peace, for freedom, for cohabitation,
And also the more important desire
To survive the harsh new winter.
They did us right, and we, well,
We tried, but we lost the headdress
And ran out of wine
And after the winter we thought we knew it all.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

FilmHead Woman: 1983_Ink_Drawing2 by Carol Hershey

11/18/08_Poem by Betina Hershey Russo

Her face contains
Multitudes of movies
Bent over the bones
Of her film holder face,
Hair spilling over
Like inky ideas gone haywire
And her skeleton
Stringy and open
To our view.
She walks
And walks
Through the hottest sun
And the rockiest peaks
With thin leather on her feet
And everything she owns
On her back.
Dream circles float
On her shoulders.
She is lucky to have Vision.
She is our Dream Vision Holder.
Her heart is beating
For all of our woes and hopes.
She walks on and on
For us,
Our female Christ,
Our Earth Mother,
Our own ideas of life.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Looking Down: 1978_Pencil_Drawing12 by Carol Hershey

11/17/08_Poem by Betina Hershey Russo

Looking down on her
We can see how close
She pulls someone
And how her shoulders slope,
Strong and wide.
Here head is bowed forward
To glance at the egg
Her child holds up.
She is worn out, but full,
Ready for another day.
And then finally the last day
Will creep up like a surprise party
She sensed was coming
And the dishes won't have been put away
But off she'll go.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Funny Moose: 1984_ColorPencil_Drawing4

11/16/08_Make-Up_Poem2 by Betina Hershey Russo

“I was just joking,”
Whined the bucktooth moose
As the rain-tears dripped down
Like two steady drums
Past his ears.
The Moose’s eyes crossed
And re-crossed themselves,
Superstitious by nature.
Something rumbled…
A belly laugh?
Was God weeping tears of mirth?
In those two rain-tear spots,
Up sprang two little moose rose plants.

Below The Surface: 1990_Ink_Drawing12 by Carol Hershey

11/16/08_Make-Up_Poem by Betina Hershey Russo

I’m wondering what is growing
Below the surface;
Has the corn rooted?
Are the carrots healthy?
Has the soil been purified enough
To leave no trace of pesticide
Seeping through the potatoes?
I pat around the topsoil, curious,
Longing to shovel down
And discover their secrets.

Warm Place: 1992_ColorPencil_Drawing6 by Carol Hershey

11/16/08_Poem by B.H.Russo

I was looking
For the kind of place
Where people touch you
And smile with that non-sexual,
"You are beautiful" vibe.
Down by the river walk,
At the old Irish Inn,
I found an old man singing ditties
About how gay used to mean happy
And telling stories about Dolly Parton's lovely lumps.
But the people danced
And smiled, and alone at my table,
I ate boiled potatoes an shrimp
In this Irish pub in Savannah
I was almost at the Kerrville folk festival
Staying up all night long
With my guitar and my favorite songs
And soft arms to catch me.
Yes, here I was, just listening and merging
With those happy, sloppy Irish-wanna-be souls.

Two Roses: 1984_Ink&ColorPencil_Drawing1 by Carol Hershey

11/14/08_Make-Up-6 Poem by BHR

I don’t need much.

The big dipper
Two roses
A handful of seeds
A cave full of eggs
And a bridge to the sky.

That’s all I have
And all I could ever need.

Except sometimes
I think I might need you.

Mr. Potato Moon: 1979_Pencil_Drawing12 by Carol Hershey

11/14/08_Make-Up-5 Poem by B.H.Russo

Mr. Potato-Moon,
Inconsolable grump
Has his nose in the air
And in his throat – well – a lump.
He’s holding a stop sign
And swatting at flies
While the mountains get chilly
And the North Star flies.
I thought he’d be nicer
While shining his light
But no, he needs something –
A nap or some food
Or maybe a someone
To pat his puffed cheeks
And make him feel better
Til his eyes shine like leeks.

Thoughtful Chicken: 1978_Ink_Drawing8 by Carol Hershey

11/14/08_Make-Up-4 Poem by B.H. Russo

This chicken just posed a question:
Do yesterday and tomorrow exist today?
She knows most roads of memory
Limp into the Ethernet of forgetting,
That corn husks are actually science books
Of instructions not meant to be rewritten,
She believes love is a selfish selflessness.
Yes, this chicken has even reminisced
On aboriginal art, the meaning of sex,
Mist falling upon Brigadoon,
And farmers’ vacant eyes
When they are about to prepare a chicken for market.
Her neck feels funny, but she says,
This is just one more experience
Before I die.

Vaginaharp: 2005_RedPencil_Drawing3 by Carol Hershey

11/14/08 Make-Up-3 Poem by B.H.Russo

“Alleluia,” sings the vaginaharp
With opened maw
Salivating and preparing
To sing the famous Mozart aria,
Ever so slightly out of her range.
Her glorious alto vibrations
Rumble through the cavernous room
And mess up the tuning
Of the ever-changing penisguitar.
“Oh let the bright seraph in,”
Counters the ever hopeful
Duet-seeking penisguitar.
“Can’t we make music together,
Though two stringed instruments we be?”
In the end, the strings get tangled
And the tune changes to “My Mamma Done Tole Me,”
But both are happy with the outcome
And decide to pursue slide guitar techniques
And gutteral street cries.

Floating Bottle: 1984_ColorPencil_Drawing3 by Carol Hershey

11/14/08 Make-Up-2 Poem by B.H.Russo

The bottle drifts
Over yellow seas
With its rabbit head lifted
Testing the wind
And its branch arms reaching
For the unreachable shore.
There’s a secret inside
Calling you
To shake off your passivity
And dive in! Dive in!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Umbrella: 2004_Pencil_Drawing1 by Carol Hershey

11/14/05 Make-Up-1 Poem by Betina Hershey Russo

They are both decked out
In their green, yellow, blue
With fine crosses and circles
And a regal to-do.
They will walk through the weather
Of strong sun or rain
And never feel bothered
Enough to complain.
It’s a joyous occasion
Each time they processes
With cloaks and umbrella
No matter the mess.
You know, I’ve never seen
Them stop or delay
Or miss out on walking
For even one day
And I’m sure I’d feel troubled
If ever there came
A day those two vanished
And left no one to walk in the rain.

Friday, November 14, 2008

SunDesert: 1989&91_ColorPencil_Drawing1 by Carol Hershey

11/14/08 make-up poem by Betina Hershey Russo

I'll meet you
Where the arches pass
Through the orange moon
And the desert weeds
Grow tall and proud,
Where the magic sled
Waits for us
To wake up
And crawl out of bed.
I'll meet you there
At 4am when the fairies whisper
Good night and good morning
To all who linger.

Witch: 1989_ColorPencil_Drawing5 by Carol Hershey

11/14/08 but should have been 10/31/08_Poem by Betina Hershey Russo

There she hangs, upside down
Like a dark kind of clown
With her long pointy nose
And her dark velvet clothes
But her eyes cross and strain
From the blank in her brain
Cuz she's almost forgotten
Which thing should be rotten
And she's tangled her lines
While her purplish vines -
They hold up her glass ball
Making sure it won't fall.
Still, she's dizzy and cross
And a bit at a loss
While she's stuck upside down
With no spell and no sound.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Chick: 1984&91_Odds&Ends1 by Carol Hershey

11/13/08_Poem by Betina Hershey Russo

I feel like a little chick
Just discovering
The ground is rich
With things to pick at.
Oh, so many pieces
Of golden grain!
Oh, such a glorious discovery -
Each teeny crumb.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Radiator: 2000_Ink_on_ragpaper3SideB by Carol Hershey

11/12/08_Poem by Betina Hershey Russo

Radiators hissing
And the icy floors slowly spreading
With the warmth of a day beginning
Covers strewn about
Pajamaed buttocks pressed to the sizzling
Hot radiator in the dining room,
Gazing out the window at the fallen leaves,
Waiting for breakfast.
This is what I remember
Fondly about the chill of fall and winter
In our parents' house.
Now my radiators are no longer metal coils
But vents in the wall.
Still, they do the same job
And I hover in front of them
Like a child eagerly warming up
To the day.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Comet: 1990_Ink_Drawing5 by Carol Hershey

11/11/08_Poem by Betina Hershey Russo

This is big!
Dazzling-lights big! Glowing-ferris-wheel-in-the-dark big!
Giant-meteor-burning-through-the-earth's-atmosphere big!
This is so big
That I hardly noticed it.
It's the-entire-galaxy-is-invisible-to-my-tiny-eye-but-I-know-it's-there big!
It's dream-come-true-when-you-didn't-even-realize-you-had-a-dream big!
Besides loving you
And loving my family
And loving your family
And loving the universe even when it gave me a bum leg,
I have a house!
Which means leaves to rake
Doors to stain
And walls that will contain
The next 30 years.
Or so my tiny brain believes.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Earthworm: 2002_B&W_Ink_Drawing by Carol Hershey

11/10/08_Poem by Betina Hershey Russo

Earthworm with five faces
Grinning like a sweet-eyed granny
At the spotty, dirty, prettily packaged world,
I have my rake and my heap
Of damp leaves;
You keep tumbling, climbing, burrowing.
We are a perfect pair,
Me plunging into the earth
And you climbing up towards tales
Of butterflies.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Reclining Woman: 1984+_ColorPencil_Drawing2 by Carol Hershey

11/8/08_Poem by Betina Hershey

One day
I'll be a woman of leisure
Reclining on my fuzzy rug
Watching the tree leaves drift
Past the bushes and the porch
To land amongst the broken walnut shells.

One day
I'll have eliminated
The clicking of the clock
The ringing of the phone
The alarm buzzing
And there will be the sweetest silence
Of neighbors' dogs, the passing bus,
And your soft snore.

One day
I'll have all these boxes unpacked
And you'll find me with Ray Charles
And War and Peace
And on the stove will be the biggest pot
Of rice and beans, sausage and red chard.
I'll even have a free range chicken
In the fridge for tomorrow.

One day
Just like today.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Browns and Reds: 1983+_ColorPencil_Drawing3 by Carol Hershey

10/28/08_Poem by Betina Hershey Russo

I am moving
My stacks of resolutions
All in crisp binders,
My old dreams wrapped in crinkly tissue-paper,
My tomorrow plans scrawled
Over tiny post-its and huge poster paper,
And you,
Wrapped in the weary glow
Of "this will be glorious."

Where we're going,
All of these boxed up items
Will become soft, round, amazingly balanced
In a haze of browns and reds
And teardrop shaped rooms.

Where we're going is more than just
A house. It's a new way
Of saying "future". It's
My own mailbox, a porch, two trees,
A back yard, crickets, a leak,
And your kisses in my kitchen in between gigs.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Crazed Clown: 1991_ColorPencil1 by Carol Hershey

10/27/09_Poem by Betina Hershey Russo

I feel like
a crazed clown:
bloodshot eyes,
brain waves screaming

I feel like
a ferris wheel
out of control
in a misty grey
sky while children

I feel like
a red pen scraping
across a page
marking out a mouth
for such a frazzled
face. om.

Rocking Chair: 2002_Ink&ColorPencil_Drawing1 by Carol Hershey

10/27/08_Poem by Betina Hershey Russo

All of these boxes filled with poetry books,
Journals, college text books, music binders,
Dishes, towels, sheets, dresses smushed in,
And all of your old tapes,
I long to pare down to the elemental:
One painted rocking chair.
Imagine a house.
Shiny wooden floors.
Creamy white walls.
And a rocking chair.
How lovely.
Instead, we will have boxes.
So many boxes to unpack
And fill those walls with our old

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bursting: 1995+_Pencil_Drawing2 by Carol Hershey

10/25/08_Poem by Betina Hershey Russo

Oh, I'm gonna burst
Up and out and all over the place
With journal pages falling
Like rose petals and dandelion seeds
Softly through the air
And with legs like jack-in-the-box springs
And arms like tornadoes
Lifting everyone in my path
Up and away into my love!

Oh yeah, I'm gonna bounce
Ideas off of mountains and moons,
And Shakespeare verses off of giants
With rascally beards.

Big saggy blue chair.
Wind chimes in the distance.
Traffic street hum.
A light breeze.

Everywhere around me - boxes.
Boxes of clothes, boxes of books
Boxes waiting to be filled
With the items of my life's collection.

Me? I am not boxed in,
Shut down, covered up!
I am silently, motionlessly

Friday, October 24, 2008

Moose: 1987&91+_ColorPencil_Drawing1 by Carol Hershey

10/24/08_Poem by Betina Hershey Russo

Moose with googly blue eyes
Blue grass, blue sky, blue rivers

The post office is made of clay
and begonias
The jail
is full of cushions and veils

Touch my sleeve
But don't wake me

Elephant Eye: 1986_WaterColor4 by Carol Hershey

10/23/08_Poem by Betina Hershey Russo

The elephant eye
Never blinks.
I am calmed
By its steadfast gaze,
It's multifaceted blue
And velvety brown skin,
So thick and so

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Robot: 1984+_ColorPencil_Drawing by Carol Hershey

10/22/08_Poem by Betina Hershey Russo

"Bleep blip rasmatazle"
Says the messy bloink ickle robot.
"Eeeee oiiii urkle bleep blip!"
"So much treasure!"
Says Ernie.
"Love this sippycup so much!"
"Brungle ricky rack proog?"
Asks the teeny tiny ant-rifkin.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wizard: 1980_Pencil_Drawing7 by Carol Hershey

10/21/08_Poem by Betina Hershey Russo

Inside of this cloaked wizard, this marriage
There are so many journeys to make
To find and protect that magic token
And save the whole body.
Luckily there are gnomes, fairies,
And all kinds of do-gooders
Willing and able to leave their jobs
And wander down endless roads,
Up jagged peeks, through torrential rivers,
Sacrificing for the good of the whole.
Oh, yes, the wizard-cloak-marriage
Has his hand on the glass ball
And he's cackling over the misfortunes
Of such tiny players. But
Little does he know
How strong they are, and how many
Will rise up in the name of love.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fall: 1989_Ink_Drawing1 by Carol Hershey

10/19/08_Poem by Betina Hershey Russo

Fall is tickling the air
And the four suns.
She laughs and laughs
At winter hearts.
Ha! Didn't you know?
Winter is on sabbatical.
The soil is eager for seed,
The grasses lift up their arms to dance
And the tear drops have soaked the earth.
Warm and wet, full of compost,
Fall is really pushing for a full-time job.
The boss comes in, wags a finger.
You won't be paid for these hours!
Fall shrugs and slooches off.
Ah well. Maybe next year.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Surrender: 1979_WaterColor1 by Carol Hershey

10/18/08_Poem by Betina Hershey Russo

To the flow of crimson
To the life ebbing and sweeping
Out of my body to join
The oceanic world;
Yes, surrendering
To the heaviness of my limbs
And the invisible hand reaching
Into my center to give it a twirl
Like a lettuce spin-dryer;
Surrendering to the waters,
To the waves and surges and soft ebbing
Of such a magnificent flow,
I am a woman alive in the world
Bleeding to death again.

Wind Storm: 1997_B&W_Ink_Drawing by Carol Hershey

10/17/08_Poem by Betina Hershey Russo

Up, up and away, the ideas of change
Storm the sky with hugs and kisses
And swooping bouquets of ballooning love.
May these winds continue to billow
And these ideas never lose their x's and o's.
May change be something we see
And feel upon our summertime skin,
Even in the winter.
Yes, up, up, and there it is
So proud to declare:
There's a new way!

A what way?

A flower way! A shower way!
A motherly way! A fatherly way!
A helpful, natural, considerate way!
A gorgeously sparkling way!

What? Are we, like, um,
Trying to be the 60's all over again?

No. But it's a greener, organic,
your-clothes-or-your-nose way,
A mature, kind of slow and sure way,
Well, an any-way-but-this-way kind of way.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Teardrops: 1989+ColorPencil_Drawing by Carol Hershey

10/16/08_Poem by Betina Hershey Russo

After almost a year
I have no visible tears
But my arms ache
Like teardrops falling towards your body
Which isn't there to catch them...
Falling through an interminable absence
Of hand on cheek.
This phone in my hand?
I was about to call you...
After all this time, I still almost believe
You will answer.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Night City: 2005_ColorPen_Drawing by Carol Hershey

10/15/08_Poem by Betina Hershey Russo

In the middle of the night
The palm fronds glow white,
Tear drops hang like balloons from stars,
And adobe houses shine orange and green and purple.
Eggs peek up in rows at the green hay
And dreams turn into x's and o's
And roll down the streets,
Filling up the drains with their red snoring.
This is my city, my normally gray, tall city,
Turned into a Florida party.
I met it tonight, after the 5th mosquito bite,
Swelling red and telling tales
Of secret swamps, alligators
And a bright white palm tree.