Sunday, November 16, 2008

Warm Place: 1992_ColorPencil_Drawing6 by Carol Hershey

11/16/08_Poem by B.H.Russo

I was looking
For the kind of place
Where people touch you
And smile with that non-sexual,
"You are beautiful" vibe.
Down by the river walk,
At the old Irish Inn,
I found an old man singing ditties
About how gay used to mean happy
And telling stories about Dolly Parton's lovely lumps.
But the people danced
And smiled, and alone at my table,
I ate boiled potatoes an shrimp
In this Irish pub in Savannah
I was almost at the Kerrville folk festival
Staying up all night long
With my guitar and my favorite songs
And soft arms to catch me.
Yes, here I was, just listening and merging
With those happy, sloppy Irish-wanna-be souls.

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